Peace of mind doesn't have to come at the cost of control. You can be more on top of your game than ever at the same time that you're the most at ease. Quantum Gold was developed by Speed Queen for Speed Queen customers to optimize the performance of your equipment with maximum simplicity and efficiency.

Drop-Off Mode

Effortlessly set aside machines to be used by your attendant for wash, dry and fold business without having to disable them manually -- all from a computer or PDA. You also have the confidence of tracking this revenue stream.

Slow Drain Detection*

Quantum Gold will automatically alert you if a slow draining condition exists in any of your machines.

OPL Mode

Allows machines to be set aside for commercial customers who are using your equipment during a specified time.

Quantum Gold Networking

You can put a number on the amount of supplemental income you could potentially earn. You can calculate tangible savings. But the freedom and peace of mind that come with being able to operate your laundry business on your terms -- from anywhere in the world -- is immeasurable. Remote, consolidated reporting. Error notifications. Complete control. They're all present in one program, designed to make running your facility easier and more efficient than ever thought possible.

* Features available only on hardmount washer-extractors.

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