Reduce Operating Costs with Quantum

Quantum® not only helps you make more money - it helps you save more, too. With advanced features, you can seamlessly adjust to changes in your cost structure, reduce utility and labor costs and maximize the overall efficiency of your coin vended laundry equipment.

Auto Water Leak Detection*

This money-saving feature monitors your drain system and immediately alerts you if there is a leak or obstruction causing valuable water to be wasted, helping avoid expensive water and sewage bills.

Slow Drain Detection*

Quantum monitors drain time to catch errors before they become a costly issue. This feature sends you automatic alerts if there is a slow draining condition or an obstruction in any of your machines.

Proprietary Inverter Drive

Our exclusive, highly efficient inverter drive provides smooth, reliable power, saving you 33% on electricity versus 2-speed models.

Auto Shutdown Assistant

Quantum allows you to shut down your commercial laundry machines automatically at a certain time period that you specify. This ensures that last loads are completed within your store's posted hours. Store attendants are then able to leave as scheduled, eliminating overtime pay from your operating costs.

Low Power Mode

Set your machines to automatically go into Low Power mode when your store is closed. This will reduce your electrical consumption by turning off the LED display.

30 Programmable Water Levels*

With Quantum Controls, you have the flexibility to modify the amount of water used for each fill within a cycle on a scale of 1 to 30. Most customers won't notice the change in their machine, but you'll definitely see it in your utility bill.

Quantum Gold Wireless Networking

Quantum Gold controls can be wirelessly networked from a central computer without the need for pesky cords. What that means for you is that you can program, monitor, audit and diagnose machines from any Internet-linked computer, anywhere in the world. With up-to-the-minute data on store activity, you can make the most informed business decisions regarding pricing, service needs, advertising and promotions.

Store and Revenue Reports

Quantum Gold provides in-depth reporting to give you a comprehensive look at machine specifications as well as valuable business information. Understand your output average totals, turns per day and revenue details to make smart, informed business decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

*Features available only on hardmount washer-extractors.

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