Maximize Revenue

Program, monitor, audit and diagnose - anywhere, anytime. Quantum® comes in a wireless networking option that allows you to customize wash settings and adjust price points from any Internet-connected computer. Giving you complete control of your laundry facility, Quantum Controls greatly reduce programming and on-site labor time while ensuring optimum profitability.

Cycle Modifiers*

A wide variety of wash cycle options presents added opportunities to bring in revenue. Cycle Modifiers let you customize your own "medium" or 'heavy" soil program, allowing you to add a prewash, more agitation time, an additional warm or cold rinse or any combination of the three. Your benefit is the added premium received when the customer opts for the "heavy" soil program, which in itself can increase washer revenue by 4-5%. Plus, 5 cycle modifiers on dryers help you further enhance revenue while giving customers the best possible wash and dry per load.

Time of Day Pricing

Take advantage of peak laundry hours and boost usage during typically slower periods. Time of Day Pricing lets you customize your price settings according to your traffic volume. Set your machines to charge premium prices when your facility is busiest and offer specialty rates during off-peak hours to optimize your revenue stream - no matter what time of day it is.

Lucky Cycle

Encourage customer loyalty by rewarding customers with a free wash or dry after a predetermined number of cycles.

Multi-Level Pricing*

Allows the store owner to charge different prices for each wash cycle. A common example would be to charge different prices for hot, warm and cold washes. Utility bills are lowered overall when more customers seek the less expensive cold wash cycle.

Quantum Gold Wireless Networking

Quantum Gold controls can be wirelessly networked from a central computer without the need for pesky cords. What that means for you is that you can program, monitor, audit and diagnose machines from any Internet-linked computer, anywhere in the world. With up-to-the-minute data on store activity, you can make the most informed business decisions regarding pricing, service needs, advertising and promotions.

Store and Revenue Reports

Quantum Gold provides in-depth reporting to give you a comprehensive look at machine specifications as well as valuable business information. Understand your output average totals, turns per day and revenue details to make smart, informed business decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

* Features available only on washers.


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