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Preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your college or university laundry facility can be a complex undertaking -- identifying the most important aspects of your laundry services is essential to creating an effective RFP. Finding the right fit for your laundry can make all the difference, and including premium features like those offered by Speed Queen can transform your laundry facility into a key selling point for your school.

That's why we're pleased to provide these preformatted Quantum Equipment Spec Sheets -- use them when you're preparing your RFP so you can be sure that your laundry facilities get the very best.

Single Load Dryer
Top Load Washer
Front Load Washer (Front Control)
Front Load Washer (Rear Control)
Stack Dryer
Stack Dryer (with Window)
Stack Washer/Dryer

Why Choose Speed Queen?

Speed Queen laundry equipment features commercial-quality construction, rather than a home machine with a coin box. Speed Queen Quantum™ is the perfect solution for your college or university, offering premium features for your students alongside the energy savings your facility requires. Speed Queen commercial laundry machines are designed, engineered and manufactured in Ripon, Wisconsin where we have been located for over 100 years.

Our industry-leading Quantum™ control works seamlessly with campus card payment systems and is completely programmable to suit your needs. Plus, we provide other value-added services like SMS notification when a load is done (Wash Alert™) and the ability to choose different wash settings (at varying costs) and multiple vending options.

Speed Queen equipment provides water savings of up to 62% and energy savings of up to 67% versus conventional commercial top-loaders. Plus, our front load washers are Energy Star®-rated to help satisfy your conservation requirements*.

High Efficiency Washers with

  • Save on water, using only 10.9
    gallons per cycle
  • Reduce energy costs with 1000
    RPM high-speed extract
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

Multi-Level Vending
Conserve hot water with multi-level vending options. Conserve energy and allow price differences for hot and cold washes.

Bonus Vending
Premium wash cycles with bonus vending.

Campus Card Payment Systems
Quantum equipment interfaces with campus card payment systems and provides automated card transaction tracking.


*Calculations based on DOE Appendix "J1" test procedure.

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